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Q. Are the windows etched with our name?
A. The name of the light is not engraved on the actual window pane. Instead, each dedication can be viewed permanently online on the Heavenly Lights website. Donors can choose to have their dedications made public or private. Every virtual pane on the website corresponds to an actual pane on the cathedral.

Q. Can I work on the image and message later?
A. You may log in later to add or edit your image icon, dedication message, and/or prayer intention at any time once you’ve made your official purchase. However, your certificate will ship within 24 hours of your order which includes your light name and dedication message. It’s important that you finalize your light name and dedication message that you want on your certificate of authenticity within 24 hours of ordering.

Q: Are there any size limitations to my dedication message or photo?
A: Dedication messages are limited to 160 characters. Images must be in JPEG or PNG format, and sized to be no larger than 10MB.

Q. What is the prayer intention?
A. All of the prayer intentions from the Heavenly Lights dedications will be offered at the Epiphany Mass in 2018. You will receive an email invitation to this Mass.

Q. Can I use a payment method other than credit card to dedicate a Heavenly Light?
A. Yes. For more information, contact [email protected], call 714.282.3021, or chat with us via the chat window below.